The long awaited book
by the Dean of
U.S. Federal Police Emblem collectors
Ray Sherrard

The Encyclopedia of
Federal Law Enforcement Patches

The Comprehensive collector's guide to 4212 federal patches. Covers all federal agencies (see chapters below), combines Federal Law Enforcement Patches Volumes I and II (out of print) with additional new patches into one large reference volume. Full color throughout! Don't buy this book unless you can take the shock, that your collection is missing a lot of patches!!! This book can help you avoid reproduction patches, and know what patches you need. All of the patches in this book are numbered, and will assit you in identifying the patches you are trading for.

The book sells for $39.95 + shipping,
the same price as in bookstores (if they can find it!).

Chapters included in this 232 page book include, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce NOAA NMFS, Central Intelligence Agency CIA, National Security Agency NSA, Department of Defense DOD, Department of Education, Department of Energy DOE, Environmental Protection Agency EPA, Federal Law Enforcement Associations, FDA / HHS / SSA / HUD / OPM, Department of the Interior, Department of Justice DOJ, Drug Enforcement Administration DEA, Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI, United States Border Patrol, Immigration and Naturalization Service INS, United States Marshal Service USMS, Department of Labor, United States Postal Service USPS / USPIS, Department of State, Interpol / United Nations / USIA, Department of Transportation DOT, Amtrak, United States Coast Guard USCG, Federal Aviation Administration FAA, Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms ATF, United State Customs Service USCS, Internal Revenue Service IRS, United States Secret Service USSS, Judicial Branch / Federal Courts, Veterans Administration / Department of Veterans Affairs VA, Legislative Branch / United States Congress, Independent and Quasi-Federal Agencies, National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA, National Science Foundation, Tennessee Valley Authority TVA, U.S. Trusts, Territories, and Possessions

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The U.S. Total is $44.55
Insurance 1.65, delivery confirmation .65 cents, other options if desired.
(International postage is calculated for each transaction, but in a Global Priority flat rate packet runs about $11.00 USD)
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How to collect Federal Police Emblems

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